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RPMC provide ethical & reliable construction safety consulting services to all of our Clients. RPMC continuously strive to improve & upgrade our services as the industry and law changes. RPMC offer training to suit your schedule and budget. RPMC goes beyond mere compliance to provide oversight of every facet of safety management on your job sites. RPMC works with you to develop a culture of safety, educating everyone about the importance of rules, monitoring performance, and continuously improving all activities.

Safety process of RPMC assures you that every aspect of safety is being addressed, including:

  • Client emphasis on safety and responsibilities for implementation.
  • Safety management, providing a summary of the entire Contractor Safety Management Process.
  • Roles and responsibilities for all individuals and entities involved in the process.
  • Safety pre-planning during the planning stages to develop a safety plan for use during construction.
  • Contract document detailing safety requirements in writing.
  • Site communication to detail how safety information will be shared with on-site contractor supervision.
  • Site orientation, spelling out how safety information will reach contractor personnel.
  • Pre-job hazard analysis, documenting hazard identification and corresponding safety efforts.
  • Contractor incident investigation to document root causes and determine corrective and preventive actions.