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» Our experienced and competent Managers, Engineers take care of construction activities managing resources, sub contractors and other agencies. Discipline engineers who will coordinate amongst different agencies and contractors support construction manager. Responsibilities for quality, cost effectiveness, progress and safety are clearly defined and goals are set for each team member.

» Quality is ingrained in all aspects of our activities whether it is engineering or construction. Clear-cut quality plans are developed and our engineers and quality inspectors ensure the same at different stages of any activity. Testing and commissioning procedures are taken up with vendors in a very systematic manner and records are generated to check compliance to specifications.

» We facilitate training of your operation & maintenance (O&M) staff so that they can take over successfully the completed facilities. We ensure that all as-built drawings, operation & maintenance manuals, etc., are available to you for further operation of the facilities.


» Most projects go out of gear in two critical aspects i.e. Cost and Time. That is the reason why we give great emphasis on initial costing of the project. Cash flows requirement provided at every stage so that financial budgeting can be carried out systematic manner. Further, the cost estimates are updated and you get a clear idea about how much you have to spend at any point of time.

» We prepare work programs at different levels of the project and clear duration and milestones. Detailed networks are prepared and these are monitored for progress and bottlenecks are brought out in advance.


» RPMC develops conceptual ideas into outline designs & plans, along with preliminary cost estimates and work programs.

» In the next stage we fix specialists in respective fields in order to get the best possible solutions.Detailed cost estimates and work programs will be provided at this stage. You will get a clear picture of how much your project going to cost and how long it will take to realize.


» We evaluate and shortlist vendors, suppliers and contractors for carrying out different types of work. We ensure that you get best price advantages at the same, meeting the desired quality
and delivery.


» On your behalf, we address environmental factors concerned with the project. We identify all statutory clearances and approvals required for commencing the project work and for the operation of the facilities. Required technical documentation, submissions, presentations and expediting will be carried out.