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In the highly specialized area of pre-purchase due diligence reporting on construction projects prior to acquisition, RPMS works in conjunction with the Client’s appointed advisor to provide the following services:

  • Physical site inspection to review and ascertain current condition of the building, services plant and equipment, systems and components.
  • Areas of non-compliance with current building regulations and codes of practice.
  • Any upgrading works that may be needed in the near future. Costs of recommended works that are required to be carried out urgently and for compliance with current building authority requirements.
  • Costs of upgrading works that may be considered for design optimization to maximize potential returns for the least possible capital investment.
  • Status and cost report on the contracts awarded, pending award and not yet tendered, to complete the whole projects.

The findings and appraisals are consolidated in a totally integrated Due Diligence Report which includes separate detailed reports from each consultant discipline, and is supplemented with photographs where appropriate to record the work completed and the plant and equipment on site.