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Our Approach To Cost Management

Flexibility And Practicality To Suit The Purposes Of  The Individual Project

Our team of cost consultants’ professionals have the breadth and depth of knowledge, from inception through to completion, which will ensure you deliver this project within your budget.

In order to do this, firstly, we create an environment within which a successful outcome can be defined and then achieved.

In order to be successful in a project it is essential that the whole project team work together in sharing the objective – to control costs.

We also establish what value for money means to the Client and how this value can be measured throughout the programme life. This ensures all team members are aligned in serving the same overall objective.

Once The Environment Is Established And Our Journey Through The Cost And Value Management Process Begins; The Essential Elements Of That Process Adopted Are As Below

Cost Planning

Cost planning – a plan to complete the scheme for a predicted cost

• Preparation of Cost Plan • Refining the Cost Plan and finalize the budget

• Keeping the scheme on track to comply with the budget

• Ideas and cost consequences – maintaining the balance

• Regular reviews and collaborative working with designers


Benchmarking – ensuring the design is ‘on-market’

Value Analysis

Value Analysis – ascertaining if the cost provides maximum value

• Value management – looking at what is to be done

• Value engineering – looking at how things will be done

Life Cycle Costing

Life Cycle Costing – fundamental to sustainability and the operational business case

Risk Management

Risk Management – having visibility of the risks, their impact / probability


Procurement – reducing risk and securing value

The choice of procurement arrangement will depend upon your risk profile and the needs of the particular project, selecting from three basic types;

• Traditional Arrangement – Shared risk

• Design and Build – max risk to contractor

• Construction Management – max risk to Client


Post-contract Management

We provide a proactive approach to post contract management. This ensures that you and the professional team are kept up to date through regular monitoring and reporting on the financial situation of the project.

Timely account settlement

Timely account settlement